Getting This Work in My New Building Done Was Very Important

When my mother and father passed away on the same day, I was heartbroken beyond anything that I had every felt before. It took me awhile to get over it, and I wasn’t even interested at first when their lawyer called me to say that we needed to discuss my inheritance. But he called repeatedly to tell me we had deadlines, and I realized I needed to do it. I ended up inheriting one of their old buildings, and I learned that I would need to have rat extermination and some other things done to it to make sure that I got the place up to code.

The last thing that I wanted to do was to worry about dealing with any legal ramifications with an old building. But the lawyer explained that I needed to, or I could face big fines and troubles with the city. The building had only been vacant for about 4 months, but I’m told that when you live in a big city, vermin can move in and take residence rather quickly.

I went to visit the place, and was saddened to see so many little creatures had taken over inside the building. I knew that this could definitely be a health hazard, and they can also cause a lot of damage when they eat through walls and tear up a variety of things for nesting purposes. So, I made the call to an extermination company to come out and get the work done right away. They did that, and it was really not much trouble at all to have done.

After the company came out and worked their magic, it was time for me to take a look at what else needed to be done. I was really happy to see that most of the apartment units in the building were fine. That meant I could get to work on hiring a new manager and start renting them out to tenants.