Finding the Perfect Apartment in Shawnee, Kanasas

We wanted to find a nice apartment that was within our budget. The “budget” part was not too hard to find, but the “nice” part was a lot tougher. We did want a place with a pool and a garage for our vehicles. We take care of ourselves, so we wanted a nice fitness center too. When we were looking for Shawnee apartments in Kansas, the Shawnees Station apartments stood out to us. The nice big pond they have on the property is a bonus. I like being close to water whether it is a lake, stream, ocean or pond.

The apartment complex even has a tennis court. My wife and I have taken up tennis since we moved here. We have been taking lessons from a pro. It is a fun and very aerobic sport. Plus, you need a lot of strength to whack that ball too. We have been enjoying our apartment. The rooms are just the right size for us. The kitchen has an undercabinet microwave/range hood above the electric stove. We have a fireplace in our apartment too. We enjoy sitting on a plush rug on the floor in front of an evening fire and just talking about our day.

The apartment has that balance of amenities and affordability that we wanted. We wanted to be comfortable and like our neighbors, but we did not want to be paying a fortune for a lease. There is no sense in being house poor when you can find a place as nice as this that has the features you want at a price you can afford. We did more than just read what was provided online at their website and look at a few pictures. We drove out to see an apartment in person. We liked what we saw and signed a lease the same day.

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