I Had to Find a New Place

It seems to have started out when one of my neighbors had a party about a month and a half ago. Ever since then he and this other guy have been involved in a really insane series of antics. The police have been there pretty much every other night, and they are about as frustrated as all of the sane people who live in the complex. At any rate I have to sleep at night because I am out of the door at half past five in the morning Monday through Friday.I found Silver Springs Maryland apartments that seem to be a lot better for me. To start off I get to stay in bed for an extra ten minutes every morning and I still make it to work by Six in the morning. In fact the commute is a lot less stressful and a lot shorter. I have figured out how to avoid the highways and still make it there pretty quickly.

My girlfriend really likes this place, because she thought that the old place was pretty scary. For some reason they never seemed to light the parking lot well enough so that it made you feel safe at night. There was a lot of incidents of people stealing from cars and it was predictable. If you make it so that there is an opportunity to break in a car with very little risk of getting caught, then that is what people are going to do. You have to do what it takes to deter them. This parking lot is really well lit and a thief would obviously not pick a parking lot like this because he would know that he would get spotted by anyone looking out their window. Thieves go out and find opportunities to get away with stealing.

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