The Most Important Part of Being Human

Are you an individual who finds themselves living life solo? Most don’t understand people like us. I can only think of two others that I’ve dated and felt that I wanted to have any sort of long distance relationship with them. In the end, I’ve come to realize that I’m happier being single. I enjoy being able to focus on myself rather than having to constantly perpetuate any sort of diplomacy between myself and another individual. When I discovered a local escort establishment (click to open this website), I found that the complete lack of expectations coupled with a simple financial agreement was exactly the kind of open minded ‘relationship’ that I was looking for.

In reality, it’s a relationship. Continue reading

My Friends Told Me About a Fun Photo App

I have been on the Internet for 15 years, but I am often behind the times when it comes to keeping up with the many new applications that come out each year, even when they are very popular. It is very common for my friends to use programs for many months before I get around to it. This was especially true of Snapchat, which is a shame because it is a program that I have had so much fun with. Recently, friends pointed out that there is a Snapchat hack that some people use in conjunction with the main program. I am just beginning to learn about it now.

I suppose most people pick up on these programs quickly. But it has only been the last couple of years that I started using a mobile phone. Perhaps it is my age, but I have noticed that very young people pick up on technology so quickly. First, I really not want a phone. Continue reading

Saving Money As Well As the Planet

I wanted to find out about the different plans that Stream Energy has for Texas customers. I looked online for an additional resource, which is exactly what I found. The reason I wanted Stream was because they are the same company that provided my electricity when I lived in Pennsylvania. I was really happy when I saw that Texas is another state that they service, but I wanted to make sure that the plans were comparable to what I had when I was living in Pennsylvania. I was able to find a website that had detailed information about the different plans that they offer to Texas customers, and that is when I knew that I was going to stay with them. Continue reading

Going from a Small House to Big Apartments in Houston TX

I grew up where everything was smaller. We lived in a small house. The gas prices were very high so we had a small car we could barely fit into. The big things I got were clothes. That was so I would not grow out of them too fast. I applaud my parents for doing all they could to provide. Because of their dedication to get me through school, I can now support them in their retirement. I could have taken my salary and bought a big house. Instead, I looked for nicely sized apartments in Houston TX where I now worked. If you look around, you can get a big apartment for a low lease price.

I used to say as a young teenager how I was going to grow up and drive a big car and live in a big house. I told everyone that my clothes were going to be designed by a personal tailor. Continue reading

Locations with Comcast Internet Service

I just moved to a new state, and I am not going to mention which one, in the interest of privacy. But I am looking into Comcast service locations to see if I will be able to get Comcast service in this area or if I will have to look for another provider. I used Comcast in the past, and so to me it seems like the easiest course of action would just be to continue service with them, but the easiest course of action is not always the best choice. But still, I am going to check that out first, and then I am going to try to see what the deals are like out here, and see how it compares to the rate that I was getting when I had their service at my last place.

It has been a big transition so far, moving to a new state and all, but I think the worst of it is over.. I have gotten everything unpacked, for the most part, but it is still kind of unorganized, which annoys me. I am kind of OCD when it comes of organization, but I just don’t have time to pay attention to that stuff, considering that I have had so many other things to take care of in the process of moving.

I am glad that I paid a moving company, because I have a bad back, and I really do not like moving heavy stuff. But that does not mean that moving was easy. It was still a bit of a pain, and I am sure glad that it is over. Now I need to get internet hooked up at my new place, because it sure bothers me that I do not have internet service in my apartment at the moment.