Saving Money As Well As the Planet

I wanted to find out about the different plans that Stream Energy has for Texas customers. I looked online for an additional resource, which is exactly what I found. The reason I wanted Stream was because they are the same company that provided my electricity when I lived in Pennsylvania. I was really happy when I saw that Texas is another state that they service, but I wanted to make sure that the plans were comparable to what I had when I was living in Pennsylvania. I was able to find a website that had detailed information about the different plans that they offer to Texas customers, and that is when I knew that I was going to stay with them.

They have a wide variety of plans, including month to month plans as well as green and clean plans. It is the green and clean plans that really interested me, because I was just learning the different ways I could help make our planet a better place. I read about their renewable energy credits as well as what they are doing down to the local level to remain relevant as well as green, and I was impressed with what I read.

I had the month to month plan while I was in Pennsylvania, and I honestly thought that I would get the same in Texas. I didn’t mind that the rates changed because it was often to my advantage. After reading about their green plan though, I knew that was what I wanted to do. Getting set up with their green plan was very simple, and I have even managed to convince a few of my new neighbors to reconsider their own energy plans. I think they might switch soon. Saving money is nice, but saving the planet while doing so is even better!

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